This blog seeks to uncover ecofeminist issues and activism in Latin America. The content is sorted into three sections: about the project, case studies, and activism stories.

About the Project
  • The Authors: Learn about the authors of the blog and her motivations for researching ecofeminism.
  • The Project: Learn about the goals and limitations of the project.
  • What is Ecofeminism?: Learn about the general concept and framework of ecofeminist analysis, including resources for further reading.
Case Studies
  • Extractivist Livelihoods in Brazil: Learn about the challenges faced by women extractivists in Brazil and the measures they are taking to protect their livelihoods.
  • Oil Spills in the Ecuadorian Amazon: Learn how the environmental repercussions of Texaco’s actions have threatened women’s ability to sustain family and community.
  • Pesticides and Reproductive Defects in BrazilLearn about how the mass consumption of chemical pesticides in Brazil, an “innovation” popularized by the Green Revolution, has caused reproductive defects in women living nearby to heavy-use areas.
Activism Stories
  • One Million Cisterns (P1MC): Learn about the gendered nature of the Brazilian water crisis in Brazil and how indigenous women are taking charge in their communities to combat it.
  • El Colectivo Chilpancingo Pro Justicia AmbientalLearn about how a small group of women activists in a barrio of Tijuana fought for the cleanup of a hazardous waste site that was causing serious health risks against international governments and multinational corporations—and won.
  • The Indigenous Women’s Association of Sarayaku: Learn about a group of women who have created and used their collective voice to stand up against Texaco and their own government.